Lux-Dec range: Action of UV and rain on changes to composite boards

Products in the Lux-Dec range, in other words the composite boards, are affected by a temporary tanning phenomenon with yellowing of the boards the first time that they are exposed to UVs. After a few weeks of exposure to the weather, the colour will be similar to its original colour and will be stable.

After the first 3-6 months natural weathering process, the colour fade of the composite decking boards will stabilise, the fade will continue but at a much slower rate. In our  experience, we often advise our customers that the most noticeable change in colour will be in the first 6-12 weeks after this period the composite decking boards will stabilise to there natural lighter colour, but again will continue at a much slower rate. Please note when choosing your composite decking colour all colours will lighten so please bare this in mind when making your choose.

The action of UVs and rain on our boards during the different seasons attenuates grease stains and surface scratches.

Lux-Dec embossed decking boards do tend to change. The surface effect is attenuated over time.

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